Monday, 1 March 2010

Jerusalem icon

Jerusalem icon

Jerusalem has long been the icon of the Virgin known as miraculous. It fell during lyholit and plague. And her gift for kiverchan particularly pleased that the church recently celebrated 10 years. November 25, the day of respect for the icons for a new style here again sent, as the wake. And given that it is also a day of mourning, molyly in the intercession of Our Lady for all of upokoyenyh Ukrainian famine and repression.

Jerusalem Icon of the Mother of God – not the only one whose authorship attributed Apostle Luke. Such is the miraculous and Famous Chelm, the original is now kept in the Museum of Volyn Icon. Meanwhile, Ludmila Semeniuk again a month later than two years will go to Israel to work. Maybe after returning again bring valuable gift for Mother Church.

I am drawn to face oil paints. Job troublesome.

I hope you enjoy

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