Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ukrainian jewelry Bead

Ukrainian jewelry Bead p.3 (many photos)

The ongoing theme of Ukrainian folk ornaments with beads, it's actually interesting and a lot of my friends and customers.

Decoration Bead known in the history of many countries. So they play a great historical and artistic value.

After the samples are preserved in museums in our country, we I can see how rich inner world of our people, patterns, colors, and forms specific to each village reflect its history. For people prkrasy had not only external decoration, but also played a role in ritual celebrations. Bead Jewelry, along with embroidery, always emphasized the beauty of a woman and her social status and wealth.

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Народна прикраса з бісеру

Стрічка з бісеру

Українські народні прикраси

українські прикрасиУкраїнські народні прикраси з бісеру


  1. боже, яка краса! а як можна придбати оцi червоно-чорнi?

  2. I know that jewelry beads are very useful in making fabulous jewelries.