Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Gerdan, herdanyk, herdanka, Gerda, Lucky, sylyanka, sylovanka, Silenko, twist, wicker, Drabinko, point checked, pupchyky, link - neck bead decoration in the form of narrow strips, made of colorful bead, beaded on thread or hair foundation that create colorful geometric and sometimes vegetative ornament. Sometimes Lviv Gerdan looked like wide color collar that covered all the breast. Ornament and its color is usually comply with embroidery on the shirt of a certain area. Often Gerdan have fomu loop solid or openwork strips of varying width, which is worn over the head on the neck, connected at the front end of a medallion decorated chest.
Gerdan and sylyanky in the museum collection of folk art and Gutsulschiny Pokuttya them. Jehoshaphat Kobrin in Coloma.

In eastern Ukraine, the decoration was unknown, was in skirts and Volhynia, and Galicia was very common. Probably gerdan came to Galicia from Hungary. Similar to Gerdan products, called marzhele (margele) are also common in the Romanian part of Bukovina.

National ukrainian jewelry.

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  1. This look great but I think doesn`t came to Galicia from Hungary, because the ornaments are not hungarian ornaments!!!

  2. Specific Gerdane really no Hungarian ornaments, but this historical article, the Western Ukraine has long been under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and consequently their impact on our culture.
    Thise Gerdan corner Ukrainian.
    This is exactly the same Gerdane rural Ukrainian Gerdan 30 of the last century.
    This copy Gerdan located in the Lviv Ethnographic Museum .
    Gerdan 45sm length - 50 cm
    Czech, high quality glass beads of various colors.